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How to Hire Right ?

The "best hire" is a lot more than just the selection of the most qualified and best matched applicant to the job requirements and work environment. While it has always been true that recruiters need to become very familiar with the details of the job description (and any other job requirements) before an interview, that is not enough for success in today’s “war for talent.”   You need to develop skills that allow you to read through the noise often found in a candidate’s resume or application materials. You need to be...

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Social Media – A Trusted Recruiter?

With the Millennials being a prominent player in the job market, there is now a stronger emphasis on using social media as a tool for recruitment. Social media sites are quickly proving themselves to be an efficient way to contact employment candidates. Tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter enable employers to get a glimpse of who candidates are outside the confines of a resume or a cover letter. And with more and more people using social media, it’s not unusual to see the usage of it for recruitment to...

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easier life

Loopholes to Easier Life

  The first rule of Human Resources is to accept the fact that the secret to success for your Startup is a great team. But what is a team without people?   And managing these people is surely a task at hand. To be easily supervised, your employees have to be comfortable in their positions. For them to be comfortable in their positions, employees need to stay in your firm for long. For them to do that, they need to be supervised better. It is a vicious cycle. Whoever said that managing HR...

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telephonic interviews

Telephonic Interviews

 As the era of smartphones shines upon us, the concept of on-call interviews is gaining popularity by the day. Telephonic interviews are saving your time, your money, and most importantly saving your heads from exploding. Here’s HOW!- A telephonic interview doesn’t usually replace the good old in-person interview. Once your recruiter filters out candidates there telephonic interviews quite important.It is used to get a bit more acquainted with the candidate and allowing the candidate to stay informed about employer, position available, work environment and the flexibility that the company provides before both parties commit to the...

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