Importance of Culture fit in a startup - Startup Hiring Tips
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Importance of Culture fit in a Startup – Startup Hiring Tips

 Culture fit is a glue to any organization and key while recruiting. Before hiring organizations needs to measure candidate’s culture fit they need to be able to define and coherent the organization’s culture its values, goals, and practice.  It’s easy to know if the candidate has the skills and experience for the job profile you are offering, but it’s very difficult to know if they will fit in your startup culture. A company will not be productive and successful unless people don’t work as a team. However, there are indicators to find best personal and professional match.

At the core, every Individual fundamentally is extrovert or introvert. Extrovert prefer going out can work without walls around, outspoken and can work in a hectic environment, while introvert are less talkative prefer working in reserved area or cubes. Finally, it’s not just about introvert or extrovert we all come with different shades of life. But hiring someone with fewer probabilities to fit in your environment can lead to a great destruction for your startup. Diversity brings a whole lot of difference in your background, different perceptive and problem-solving attitude can become a lifeblood to your startup.

Who is your company?

Every job seeker is looking for a company they can fit and be productive for a longer span of time by fitting in. Make your organization culture discussion, a part of your interviewing process, by describing your practices, goal, values and the person you are seeking for the role. Ask about their priorities, goals and ethics which will make your path much easier.

Interview part two

Never be in a hurry while hiring someone, give yourself second chance to think is really this individual culture fit? If yes then the second round of interview is the best time to know more about the person. One of the most effective ways to learn someone will be a good fit is to let your co-workers interview them. Candidates who are selected for the second round will obviously come with more preparation and they will answer exactly what you want to hear, but when they meet your team they will defiantly let down their guards, will they identify these folks as dukes? Minions? Challenger? You will be surprised to know what your co works will report back about their meetings. Attitude, language, style, work and personal many things will be revealed which will lead to either thumbs up or thumbs down.


Support after On-Boarding

Your task doesn’t end with just employing someone who you think will fit in. Today’s best employers have developed many new onboarding process which helps new joiner to adjust smoothly into their new work place. Beside the tour of your building, garden, parking space, work place and finding rest room a recruiter should know how to bring your new person up to the speed of the startup objectives, goals etc. which  specifically relate to their position. You may have covered that while primary interview but it’s time to provide more exact particulars. Performing employees are those who understand the picture easily and figure out how their role is going to contribute your startup success more meritoriously.



Candidate with experience or skills are obviously impending strength, but in the end you can teach them the job but you can’t teach them to fit in your startup culture, that’s why hiring professionals and making a perfect team with them is a careful task for your startup.


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